Juglans manos

Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario

University of Toronto

 excerpt from Materia medica (published in the Comparative Media Arts Journal, SFU, 2015)

After a short period of time in the Visual Studies program (University of Toronto), I felt a strong desire to paint. If I was to paint, what would I paint with? I began to network with members of the Living Earth School of Herbalism. Our conversations led me to black walnut (Juglans nigra). Fortunately, the year I arrived in Toronto there happened to be a boon black walnut harvest.

The first year of the program, I became fascinated with how the walnuts stained my hands as I processed them. After several hours of removing the outer husk, my hands would be blue-black. From this direct engagement, as well as the timely opportunity to deconstruct my space, due to the planned demolition of the building that housed my studio, I began to apply walnut washes to the walls. During this time, I began to sense the energy of the site directing my work. Following, paintings created on organic cotton became extensions and elaborations of this process.