handmade fire

ee portal

Golboo Amani’s Garden Skool, supported by the South Asian Visual Arts Centre, reached out to artists to skill share and exchange knowledge that highlighted diverse earth work practices

eeportal responded with a plan to make handmade fire and share stories of their meditative dialogues with the urban black oak trees that live in one of the few remnant savannahs in Southern Ontario, in the heart of High Park, Toronto. eeportal worked diligently to start the fire on a damp, humid day, just after a heavy rain, but unlike in the past they were unsuccessful with their bow-drill technique. After hours of failed attempts, and as the night fell on the labourers, one of the participants assisted them with a flint device. A talking circle ensued.

tinder bundle: birch, milkweed, plants

collage: memory from black oak dream (paper, rice paste, images from remnant black oak savannah)

additional performance photographs by Golboo Amani