welcoming Receptive regenerative Actions


Elyse Portal embraces restorative actions, land poetry, and communal pondering. Interrelational approaches between people and ecologies initiate her creative processes and culminate in multidisciplinary works. 

Elyse has a BFA from the University of Victoria, and a master's degree in Visual Studies from the University of Toronto.  Materia medica, her master’s thesis, has been published in the Journal of Comparative Media Arts (Simon Fraser University, 2015).

Since 2011, she has also produced ecological art within the collective eeportal (comprised of Elyse and Emilio Portal).


As an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator, Elyse has exhibited work for over a decade, including:  stars pour through (7a*11D as part of 7a*md8, Nuit Blanche McEwen School of Architecture, Sudbury, 2017); 3 ways of working with plants (WKP Kennedy Gallery as part of the multi-arts festival, 2017); handmade fire (G Amani’s Garden Skool, SAVAC, Toronto, 2016); daylighting (Reconstructing Resilience Symposium, OCADU, 2016); (re)member of water (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury, 2015); buried waters (Quest Art Gallery, Midland, 2015); jars-microhabitat (Black Cat ARTSPACE, Toronto, 2015); Journey into Fantasy (McMichael Canadian Art Collection, Kleinburg, 2015); Materia medica (University of Toronto Art Centre, Toronto, 2014); claybank (Whippersnapper, Toronto, 2014; University of Victoria, 2012); Juglans manos (Galerie du Nouvel-Ontario, Sudbury, 2013); who is this land am i (University of Toronto, 2013); friction (University of Toronto, 2013); urbeing (Xchanges Gallery, Victoria, 2012); Mark Laver: Shining Examples (Legacy Art Gallery, Victoria, 2012); aline (Upstairs Gallery, Victoria, 2012); Greenish (Open Space Arts Society, Victoria, 2011); Species-at-Risk (Ministry of Casual Living, Victoria, 2011); advanced life support unit (Upstairs Gallery, University of Victoria, 2011); listening arms (Mary & Moses Sculpture Garden, Saanich, 2011); Taché (Audain Gallery, Victoria, 2010); Real Eyes (Canadian Heritage, 2007-09); Elements (Northern Arts and Cultural Centre, Yellowknife, 2008); Lost & Found (Javaroma, Yellowknife, 2006); Flower of Life (Somba K'e Public Art, Yellowknife, 2004); Reclaimed (Old Town Glassworks, Yellowknife 2004).

Awards: Master of Visual Studies Graduating Scholarship (2014), Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada (2013-14), University of Toronto Fellowship (2013), Jamie Cassel's Research Award (2012), Fine Art Festival Bursary (2011), Pat Martin Bates Scholarship (2011), Royal Bank Scholarship for Innovation (2009), The Tenline Sales Material Award (2009), and the NWT Arts Council Emerging Artist Grant (2007).

While developing claybank and listening arms – both centered on the claybank site, she received the Dr Lorene Kennedy Environmental Studies Bursary from the University of Victoria.

Along with producing ecological art and teaching art, she has been a teaching assistant for the University of Toronto's School of the Environment.


elyseportal at gmail dot com